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Third Moon Passing, by Rina Olsen

“Men cannot live without gods, Chansol,” he said quietly, “but gods cannot live without men, either.”

Five years ago, the mountain god’s daughter and the dragon of the Han River caused a terrible accident. Now, they decide to set things straight—by calling on two human girls that are somehow at the heart of it all. As a result, the shaman’s rebellious daughter Daseul, along with the scholar’s tomboy Wolhwa, are both thrust from their lives in Haedong Village and into the realm of the gods. But with an ominous curse, hidden enemies, and the rapid approach of aggressive Western forces, will the girls—and the gods—be able to discover the secrets of their entangled past before it’s too late?

In Third Moon Passing, Rina Olsen presents a world where ancient folk tales become a reality, where gods and humans alike walk the earth, and where history can change its course with the flick of a dragon’s tail.

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