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Through Her Eyes, by Maheen Mazhar

Born into a Pakistani family and moved to America at the age of three, Through Her Eyes is a story of an American girl who finds her Pakistani roots constantly clashing with her American identity. 

At times she feels like she belongs to both cultures and at times to none. Later, she finds out about the struggles her family had to face when she was born in Lahore, Pakistan: a country that fires gunshots in midair celebrating the birth of a boy while in certain areas of the country girls are flushed down the hospital toilet drains as soon as they are born. When Maheen enters her teens, her Pakistani roots constantly come into conflict with the teenage American culture around her. At times, she finds herself belonging to both her identities and at times she finds her Pakistani roots battling with her American identity. 

Through Her Eyes is a story of a Pakistani American who has to face many hardships after being born in a country like Pakistan and how her struggles completely changed her life as she grows up and becomes the woman no one ever thought she could become.

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