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Through Her Lens, by Melissa Clark Bacon

In Through Her Lens, Melissa Bacon weaves a gripping tale of self-discovery set against the backdrop of World War II. Meet Millicent Trayford, a brilliant young woman working for British Intelligence in the perilous hunt for the deadly Nazi V1 and V2 bombs. Millie’s world is turned upside down when she decides to blow up her own life and pursue her lifelong passion for photography.

Three years ago, Millie dutifully packed away her cameras and began her career in Secret Intelligence after discovering her surrogate mother’s flat leveled during the Blitz. Her commander has reassigned her to help verify and destroy the Nazis’ long-range vengeance weapons program before D-Day. Amidst the urgent demands of her work, a Royal Air Force pilot named Callum won’t let her forget who she is. He is always there – sneaking her a camera and tempting her with a life spent with him instead of her fiancé, Elliot.

Melissa Bacon masterfully captures Millie’s struggle to choose between her dreams and her duty to family and country. Through Her Lens chronicles a piece of history based on actual events surrounding Operation Crossbow, a top-secret intelligence investigation tasked with stopping the V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket program. This exploration of women’s empowerment is a must-read for those interested in untold stories of the heroes of World War II.

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