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To the Next Step: Your Guide from High School and College to the Real World, by Kyle Grappone

To The Next Step is the perfect guide for any high school or college student who wants to understand what the real world is actually like. Written by Kyle Grappone, a college graduate with real world experience, Kyle shares his insights and advice about how to make the most of your time in high school and college. Everything in this book is geared towards preparing students for the world and life that awaits them.

This book acts as a guide for a student to follow throughout all of their high school and college years. Each year is broken down into goals and strategies designed to make the most of their time and get ready for the next step on their journey to adulthood. It includes the advice of many graduates about what they wish they could do differently and the opportunities they regret not taking advantage of.

In this book Kyle will touch on everything from changing your attitude towards education, the importance of taking control of your future, discovering the type of person you want to become, what to look for during the college selection process, how to make connections, and what it takes to thrive when you finally enter the workforce.


Kyle Grappone is a youth motivational speaker, book author, and student coach. His goal is to inspire students to think differently about their education and future. If you would like to learn more about Kyle, his speaking engagements, or coaching services, please visit him online at, or e-mail him at

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