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Triskele, by B. D’Amato

LT awards gold 2

In the unconscious, coincidence does not exist.

A bizarre tragedy drives ten-year-old Paul from his dysfunctional home, leaving his younger sister, Bethany, behind. Paul flees to his estranged father’s apple orchard where he discovers comfort and parenting for the first time. Two decades later, the long-lost siblings settle separately in NYC where a gifted psychoanalyst, Lillian, develops independent relationships with them as all three characters search for seemingly unattainable connection while carrying inescapable demons.

In Triskele by B. D’Amato, we experience a psychological story that takes us through generations to the research and art departments, galleries and art lecture halls of distinguished Franklin University; an idyllic upstate farm; heart-wrenching therapy sessions; a seminary and the raunchy crime and drug infested NYC streets during the early 1980’s. A kaleidoscope of settings provide symbolic backdrops for the complex, human desires of individuals struggling for emotional wholeness. The story explores the irrational behaviors people embrace and the apparently antithetical, yet underlying motives, for their actions. Rich dream material furnishes complexity and deepens perspective into the conflicts of each character’s internal world, all the while asking: where do we find grace?

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