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Troubled Skies Over Quaker Hill: A Search for the Truth, by Lessie Auletti

In the sequel to Holding Up The Sky—a Story of Overcoming Childhood, Leah returns to Quaker Hill to uncover buried memories preventing her from fulfilling her heart’s desire. Her search for the final memory will keep you spellbound and the answer to this mystery will have you in tears.

In this coming-of-age drama, a young girl learns the pain of parental betrayal through her mama’s neglect and the death of a treasured animal friend at the hands of her daddy. She endures a biological father who threatens terrifying punishment for unforeseeable trespasses. She carries the family secrets and buries her own life-changing encounters within the deep recesses of her mind.

In Troubled Skies over Quaker Hill by Lessie Auletti we follow Leah in her continuing story as she struggles to make sense of her ever-changing world and returns to her refuge on Quaker Hill to recover that which should never be revealed.

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