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Tsunami, by Paul Flentge

North Korean submarines responsible for causing a landslide-generated mega-tsunami have rafted their sailors into a destroyed Pearl Harbor to steal navigational and nuclear technology from an unmanned, half-sunken US nuclear submarine. The massive wave destroyed the coastline of the entire Pacific Rim, and the US aircraft carriers are too far away to send their FA-18s to eliminate the threat. If the North Koreans get away with it, the balance of power in the Pacific may be forever altered.

Former Navy SEAL Joseph Gage and his long-suffering wife Dinah are on vacation in a desperate effort to save their troubled marriage. Captain Mark LeSage is aboard a commercial airliner and plans to meet his 8-month pregnant wife Kealoha on Oahu. Both couples’ hopes are challenged when the mega-tsunami strikes. And in the tunnels, high on the H3, a rag-tag team of Marines are stranded when the giant wave hits and destroys both the leeward and windward sides of the world-famous freeway.

TSUNAMI! articulates universal issues: resilience, perseverance, and the sense of camaraderie between survivors. Along with Gage, Dinah and the LeSages, Army chopper pilots Lopez and Prince, and the handful of Marines, including a scheming Sergeant Vilchek and his lackey Corporal Carter, must handle this situation on their own. They come up with a plan to disable the North Korean submarines. This plan is not without risk—and not everyone will survive.

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