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Uko’s Legacy, by Rod Panos

In a single, blinding instant all they have known is destroyed and they awaken to a hostile and uncertain future.

Marooned, Angus Hirano and Eilen Macumbo fight to survive among alien inhabitants who should not exist. Within the boughs of a vast arboreal world, Eilen adapts as Angus struggles, dreaming of once again roaming the stars. Odd hints of civilization kindle hope and set the pair upon a quest for answers to questions they can scarcely form. Nomads and traders accompany them through forest and across desert plateau, until, in the heart of a far mountain, they encounter a startling, long buried past and discover a path they could never have imagined back to the stars.

Between its covers, Ūko’s Legacy unveils an exciting odyssey while revealing the surprising secrets of a strange new world.

Atmosphere Press

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