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Unwinding the Serpent, by Robert Paul Blumenstein


In Unwinding the Serpent reincarnated beings are charged with gathering vital information from generation to generation so that the human species may continue to evolve naturally. But when a sinister plot to enslave the inhabitants of Earth under an alien Draconian thumb comes to light, our heroes must journey across time to save the human race. Does the human soul leave its imprint on our DNA? If so, can the soul’s imprint be traced throughout time? The avatars of Unwinding the Serpent are counting on it as they travel back and forth through centuries of passing time to wrest humanity from imminent doom in this captivating work that takes our audience from colonial America to the distant future. Robert Paul Blumenstein delivers another engaging adventure drawing out a story that blurs the literary lines between science fiction and fantasy.

“The author’s vivid imagination and storytelling captivates your attention, daring you to ask questions and provoking you to find answers.” EK Ellis for EK Ellis Literary Works

“Robert Paul Blumenstein has written a very well put together piece of literature; it has been very well researched and flows very smoothly throughout. He was not afraid to throw in topics which other people tend to glance over at times, the dialogue that is used is very modern with realistic exchanges between the characters.” Mike Cesar for Cesar Book Reviews, Dublin, Ireland

“A fantastic book that will keep you reading well into the night, because you just will not want to put it down! Five stars on this effort from Mr. Blumenstein.” Laurie Franco for


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