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Vespers’ Lament: Essays of Culture Critique, Future Suffering, and Christian Salvation, by Brian Howard Luce

There is much to be sad about at the dusk of America-as-we-knew-it. Composed during the years when Americans looked on in horror as many middle Americans took the mark of the Beast upon their hats and work-trucks, this book explores the theory that this political misstep was just the last in a long line of mistakes that America and other nations have committed.

In these seventeen lamentations, the alarm resounds forth, from summaries of basic ecological issues, to brief reflections on social evils, to abstract essays on technology and ecotheology.  For those de-escalating from modern political debates, one of these essays may help you see some new or ancient issue you were overlooking.

Brian Howard Luce has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech and a master’s degree in philosophy from Southern Illinois.  For theological education, he has participated in sundry Bible discussions and several adult Bible studies.

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