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Waking Up Marriage: Finding Truth Inside Your Partnership, by Bill O’Herron

Your relationship with your partner really started when you were in 4th grade, since all the uncomfortable, emotional reactions in you today were formed unconsciously in childhood. You are married to these old reaction patterns, but your adult self is afraid to embrace them. So you blame your spouse, boss, friends, parents, kids, and everything else for your discontent.

This is why relationships fail! I call it Half-Syndrome. You need to return to this inner kingdom of experiences, the other half of self. This is where the work on marriage is. Run, don’t walk, into the fire of your old feelings. There is where all the answers to the test are.

“Well-written and interesting…an oddly sweet and moving book that I can highly recommend.” —Steven C. Hayes, Foundation Professor, Univ of Nevada, author of 38 books including A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters

“A uniquely insightful book explaining how our past can have a profound impact on our marriage…the lessons, scientific insights, and learnings will help take yourself and your marriage to greater heights.”
—Bento Leal, author of 4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life, Work-Anywhere!

“An enlightening, uplifting and fresh look at the forces at play during marriage…if your marriage is in trouble, it’s time to read this fascinating book.”
—Brian Nox, best-selling author of F*CK Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single and Red Flags: How to know he’s playing games with you

“Waking Up Marriage paints the way to understanding our old souls, and offers a clear path to honesty and redemption. I found myself understood at a deep level once I began to follow its practices.”
—Ron Seybold, author of the memoir Stealing Home: A Father, a Son, and the Road to the Perfect Game

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