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Walk Out the Door, by Pearl Wolfe and Evelyn Anderton

Praise for Walk Out the Door

“Walk Out the Door is a vivid and visceral reading experience, and more than that, an education.
Hard-hitting, engaging, empowering, Walk Out the Door is a fresh, unflinchingly realistic, and ultimately redemptive story of generational domestic violence. The situations it depicts are unavoidable in today’s culture. Don’t miss it.

Is Quinn, the abusive celebrity judge, above the law? Will Quinn’s legacy destroy his son Matt’s marriage to Liz?
Can friends, relatives, and social workers help Liz regain her self-confidence and independence when so many others like her have been unable to leave destructive love relationships?

Behind years of their own professional experience, Authors Wolfe and Anderton give us an authentic, simultaneously tender and gritty account of Liz’s journey through the labyrinthian and insidious corridors of domestic violence.”
-Charlie Price, Edgar Award Winning Author

“A story that invites you to consider your own relationships as you relate to the lives of its characters. Escape into this good read and learn about the complexities of relationship violence and the people who experience it.”
-Kate Barkley, PhD
Former Executive Director, Womenspace, Eugene, OR.

“Staged in the excitement of a popular cafe with lively music and great eats, crowds gather to connect. Liz, the café’s successful entrepreneur, suddenly finds herself facing anger and escalating violence when she quickly marries her new love.

Will Liz be the only one who gets hurt? Watch it spill over to her family, friends and even her customers? You’ll join her cadre of supporters as the danger rises. A great guide to help free someone you care about from abuse.”
-Cherie Bynum, Clinical Social Worker

Orphaned at 15, Liz built a life for herself as the owner of the Shady Grove Café. Single, outspoken, and independent, she unknowingly walks into an intergenerational trap when she falls for perceptive, funny, and irresistible Matt. Only after they marry does Liz discover that his erratic and violent behavior mirrors his father’s brutality.

Walk Out the Door uncovers the deep imprint domestic violence makes from one generation to the next. Two generations of domestic violence are portrayed in this engaging piece of fiction. We’re rooting all the way for it to end with survivors, not victims.

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Atmosphere Press was founded in 2015 on the principles of Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism, Kindness, and Making Your Book Awesome.

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