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Walking the Sunset Home, by John E. Simonds

John E. Simonds’ poetry captures the essence of both the past and present in a way that brings a sense of neighborhood familiarity. Through his eclectic lens, he explores a range of topics, from dysfunction and death to personal memories, with a mix of humor and edgy views. Simonds’ accessible style is infused with dry wit and his experience of late life on an island. He draws insights from the birds and plants in his yard, family health, flashbacks of kids and jobs, and pondering the future.

In Walking the Sunset Home, Simonds’ masterful media skills create a flow of energized words layered in vivid imagery. His writing offers glimpses into moments from his childhood and career, which have shaped his curious and determined spirit. His balanced fatalism highlights the uncertainties of aging, while his awareness of perishable joys offers a sense of hope in a changing world. Amid the rising tides and currents of past and tomorrow, Simonds stands as a survivor on an island that faces fragility and change, yet is miraculously sustained by the power of nature.

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