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Walking the Tightrope, by Julie Crookes

Two teenagers have their lives turned upside down: one by war, the other by anxiety – they reach out to each other across continents in their quest to feel safe.

The year is 2016. Rafiq is a seventeen-year-old Syrian refugee, who has travelled three thousand miles from Africa to seek safety in the UK. Emily is a sixteen-year-old, who is struggling with anxiety so much she can no longer face going to school. Emily writes a letter of support and sends it with the supplies going over to ‘The Jungle’, a refugee camp in Calais. Her letter finds its way to Rafiq and it marks the beginning of an unusual long distance friendship, which leaves both of them hoping for more.

In Walking the Tightrope, Julie Crookes cuts through false barriers and reveals the hope that is always present at the heart of humanity.

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