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We Have Something to Say!, by Sonia Myers

Jenny Barajas would usually rather blend in with the back row of her class, but this year, things change when the school’s most contemporary teacher, Ms. Morgan, becomes her science teacher. Ms. Morgan introduces an environmental spin on traditional topics, inspiring Jenny to watch a documentary on plastics in the ocean.

Jenny is now on a mission to end single-use plastics! However, blind passion reveals her limited knowledge of ocean life and environmental justice, challenging her to call upon the help of the community. She must mend old friendships, reconcile her insecurities with her condescending but brilliant and outspoken older sister, and lean on Ms. Morgan for guidance, all the while leveraging these relationships to find the courage to use her voice. Learning to lobby around the complexities of plastic pollution, Jenny embarks on an advocacy campaign by documenting her class in the hopes to motivate others in joining her mission. Can student documentation be the spark to fuel a movement for future generations?

We Have Something to Say! is a journey of community and discovering your voice. It reminds us that no matter where we begin, we have the power to take action and make change.

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