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Welcome To The Enchanted Forest, by Rebecca Himmel Glassman

Mystery and magic–can you feel it? Adventure–are you ready for it?

A forest that’s dark and mysterious, with colorful lights that shoot into the night sky. Talking animals standing straight and tall. An enchanted house swirling with magic and mystery. And finally a rabbit and a squirrel who guide the children through it all. Welcome to the Enchanted Forest!

Rose and her sisters are four girls growing up in a trailer park, with no father and a hardworking but absent mother. Twelve year old Sarah plays mom while nine year old Rose acts out, as eleven year old Mandy and ten year old Nikki throw up their hands in frustration. A mysterious dog suddenly appears and lures the girls into the forest where they get separated. And then the fun begins!

Eleven year old Drew is lonely and awkward with no friends, and parents who are always too busy. One day things start getting strange when an old stuffed dog from Drew’s childhood suddenly jumps off a shelf and convinces Drew to go to the forest with him. Drew figures why not, and ends up on an adventure of a lifetime!

Will Rose, her sisters and Drew find what they are searching for in the Enchanted Forest? Will their new friends be able to help them? Join the children on a mysterious and magical ride, where things are not always as they seem.

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