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Werrell’s Rules of Politics, by Zachary Werrell, J.D.

As a whiz kid, Zachary Werrell helmed the congressional upset heard ’round the world. Older, more seasoned, but just as feisty, he’s back to give us shrewd lessons learned in the political jungle. If you want to run (or manage) a smart, principled, honest–and even winning–campaign, buy this book.

–Bill Kauffman, author, Ain’t My America

Werrell’s Rules of Politics is an indispensable guide for anyone looking to succeed in the world of politics, whether as a candidate, campaign operative, or concerned citizen. This collection of sayings, aphorisms, and pithy quotes offers practical advice on how to organize, strategize, and execute a winning plan, no matter the size or scope of your political endeavor.

Drawing on real-world examples and lessons from history, each rule is brought to life with hilarious stories from the campaign trail that are almost too absurd to believe. From navigating the treacherous waters of political campaigns to building lasting coalitions, Werrell’s Rules of Politics offers insights and strategies that are both practical and effective.

More than just a collection of soundbites, this book offers a comprehensive and nuanced view of the political landscape, with advice that is tailored to the unique challenges of each situation. With Werrell’s Rules of Politics as your guide, you’ll learn to think like a winner and stay sane even in the most challenging of political environments.

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