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What a boy wants: The boy wants it all, by Jay Tang

A powerful story about a young boy named Asahi Takahashi who dreams of a better life for himself, his brother, and his mother. Born into poverty and abuse, Asahi’s only escape is through his passion for dance.

Asahi Takahashi dreams of being a world class dancer but poverty, abuse and fear of coming out threaten that dream. Then one day, he is given a chance to break free from all of that and pursue what his heart desires. Then he meets someone unexpected that draws him out of his own mind and helps him to overcome his fears before he sets off to find out who he is and how dangerous his new life could be.

In the What A Boy Wants series, The Boy That Wants It All explores the devastating effects of abuse and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds. Through Asahi’s journey, readers will witness the trauma of a suicide attempt and the resilience it takes to rebuild one’s life. This book is a poignant reminder that with determination, courage, and the support of those we love, we can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances and reach for the stars.

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