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What If It Were True?, by Eileen Wesel

Grab a beverage, get cozy, turn off your phones and delve deep into a story about…you!

Who are you, really? A reincarnated soul? A holographic experiment? Or, just a product of your mom and dad having fun? Seriously?

Thought-provoking questions and theories abound, challenging you to think why you believe the way you do. Are you paying attention to the changes happening in your world right now? Are you hearing aliens really do exist? Is the New World Order coming? Will you be required to embed a chip in your body for identification? Are you only visiting planet Earth? What if it were true?

While the author invites you into her private world, follow six memorable characters who, through their perceived realities, interact with maleficent and angelic aliens, an Anti-Christ, Satan, Jesus, Men in Black, and astral beings! These stimulating scenarios are sure to dare you to step out of your realm of reality.

Reap the benefits of her almost three-year dedicated bucket list item by testing yourself. Will she succeed in challenging YOUR belief system?

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