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What Moves Through Time, by Judith Werner

What Moves Through Time is a story collection connecting the personal growth of a single woman from her first job in the 1960’s through five decades of emotional and spiritual enlightenment to a strange future in the 21st century when the whole world is coming to an end.

These stories, quite different from one another, portray the people Faye learns spiritual lessons from and those she loves — including several dear friends, her first husband on their travels through the United States and Mexico, and her second husband and two children in a small Bronx home and garden. Finally, Faye faces the loss of her world — first after a move to Brooklyn, and then in a vision of a dystopian future.

In What Moves Through Time by Judith Werner we experience tales of a woman’s emotional challenges as the narrator grows in love and spirituality while she moves through her time. In the final tale we learn, as Faye does, that only love can conquer death.

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