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What?! You Don’t Want Children?: Understanding Rejection in the Childfree Lifestyle, by Marcia Drut-Davis

In 1974, after “coming out” about never wanting to have or raise children of her own on the revered TV show “60 Minutes”, Marcia Drut-Davis headed into a tsunami of repetitive questions. They came from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers. She noticed how many would look at her with the same deer-in-the-headlights confused – or often angry – accusatory stares, followed by demands of explanation. The more visible Drut-Davis became as she was interviewed in speaking engagements, newspapers or NPR radio, the more she became aware it was always the same questions that people asked, and that she needed to answer! It led her to birth this book.

As an award-winning outspoken septuagenarian, Drut-Davis answers how to face or overcome rejections in the childfree lifestyle. The childfree are negatively assailed everywhere: from family and friends, at work, in the military, in advertising, internationally, when we travel or are trying to find (or keep) a life-partner, and even from within the movement itself. Drut-Davis with great empathy – and sometimes a giggle here and there – aims to dispel the myths, validate the choice, and give the childfree answers. This is the book childfree people are seeking to give themselves more peace. And it will help you know how to respond the next time someone looks at you and says, “What?! You Don’t Want Children?”

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