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When I am Ashes, by Amber Rose

How could a 130-year-old painting in a Paris museum galvanize a hunt for a Nazi war criminal?

In June of 1938, Sasha Wolf falls in love with a painting and a man. But in August Sasha discovers that her father has been murdered by a Nazi at Camp Siegfried in America. She vows to bring this Nazi to justice, even though this means she won’t be able to return to France to be with her soulmate. Twenty-five years later her son Peter, who inherits his mother’s obsession, becomes a Nazi hunter in Italy. This culminates in a Nazi War Crimes Tribunal, with real-life characters – Simon Wiesenthal, Dr. Hannah Arendt, Dr. Hans Munch, and Mengele Twins, all playing an important role. But when a mysterious figure appears in the courtroom, Sasha realizes that she might not have everything figured out after all.

WHEN I AM ASHES by Amber Rose braids love and suspense, good and evil, and life and death to unravel family secrets and expose two monasteries (part of the Nazi ratlines) which hid Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele after World War II. This drama will appeal to all concerned with the rise of anti-Semitism and White Supremacy in today’s landscape.

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