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Where Destiny Decides, by Jessie McDonald


From each and every transgression or misdeed, ramifications arise that are beyond our control.

The kings of Avalaria have left behind a world that is dying. From the elves in the south to the dragons in the north, all the races of the world are in peril. King Drustan condemns the elves, accusing them of stealing the substance that brings life to their world… magic. Declaring war against them, he arranges a marriage between his brother, Prince Alaric, and a wealthy countess to fortify his forces and fill Avalaria’s coffers. Unbeknownst to Alaric, the iniquities of his forefathers are set to change the trajectory of his life forever.

As he uncovers a prophecy and a message from beyond the grave, a monumental truth buried in the past is exposed to him. The revelation of his destiny thrusts Alaric into a harrowing series of trials that abruptly forces him from his home. His destiny pits him against his deluded brother as he races against a fearsome darkness and time itself to unite the world and restore it to its former glory.

Alaric’s ventures and tribulations echo the compelling questions that have distressed humanity to the core since the inception of time itself. Can goodness, love, and light ever hope to conquer evil? Does truth genuinely free us? Is our destiny truly our own?

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