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Whose Mary Kate, by Jane Leclere Doyle

One Woman, Two Men and their saga.

Is there anything more enduring than first love with all its tender joy, sweet expectations, and fiery passion, or the memory of that first kiss or that first lover’s quarrel? Could the promise of maturity and stability sweep away those beloved memories? Two very different men—impetuous high school sweetheart, Sean, and older businessman, Brendan—both love Mary Kate Kelley. A love story spanning several decades unfolds in unpredictable ways as overlapping and intertwined lives search for resolution against the calm backdrop of a 1950’s small Ohio River town.

Whose Mary Kate: An Uncommon Love Story explores the twists and turns of small town lives and loves encapsulated in the story of these three people. Post World War II rural America is often romanticized today as a simpler time, but the trials and tribulations of life were just as real then as they are now. Love is never easy.

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