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WTF Was I Thinking: Family Business, by Andy O’Brien

Have you ever questioned your decision to start or join a family business? Do you sometimes feel that your family business is just one board meeting away from turning into a chaotic drama, something out of a reality TV show? If so, this book is your survival guide, filled with humorous stories and practical strategies to maintain your sanity while achieving profitability.

Put down what you’re doing, grab your wallet, and consider investing in this book because, trust us, if you think family holidays are chaotic, wait until you factor in the complexities of profit margins!

By mastering the delicate balance of navigating family business dynamics, you’ll not only boost your bottom line but also deepen your understanding of interpersonal relationships, transforming potential conflicts into collaborative opportunities. This book equips you with valuable tools to create a harmonious work environment that benefits both your business and your family, setting the stage for long-term success and stronger bonds.
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