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You Crazy Vegan: Coming Out as a Vegan Intuitive, by Jessica Ang

Have you ever felt compelled to hide who you are or what you really care about?

You Crazy Vegan: Coming Out as a Vegan Intuitive is a true story of a girl who learns that it’s not always wise to share your passions or spirituality (you could get slapped!), nor to question common assumptions held by the majority (frequent criticism and dire warnings may follow).

Somewhere along the journey from being a meat-eating teenager to a vegan woman – one who quits a respectable job to become a professional intuitive – author Jessica Ang decides that some things are worth saying and standing up for, despite the risk of disapproval.

Learn how to let go of old habits, strive for a vision that matters to you, and be guided by enthusiasm. This book also offers much food for thought for anyone transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle or who is simply curious about veganism.

Ultimately, You Crazy Vegan is about the freedom to choose how you want to live and be true to yourself, no matter what other people might have to say about it.

Thirty percent of profits from You Crazy Vegan book sales will be donated to the animal protection charity, Animals Australia.