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Advice for writers

How is Atmosphere Press different?


We treat our authors differently. To us you are an artist with a unique story to tell. We understand the nature of being an artist and creator. That kind of knowledge comes from the intimate personal connection of our team to authors. We offer you a memorable, rewarding experience as you see your manuscript transformed into a lasting work of art. 

We treat your book differently. Translating your story into a book is a sacred trust that our team is dedicated to preserving at each step. From manuscript development and editing to interior design and covers, Atmosphere captures your personal aesthetic, and builds on it. We bring your vision to life while maintaining a contemporary, modern look and feel that ensures the book is relevant to today’s readers. 

Our process is different. Publishing a book is an enormous accomplishment and doing it with a team that really cares is the best way to ensure you maximize that experience. This isn’t self-publishing by yourself, or working with a giant publisher who doesn’t know you. We know what you want and need and have developed a unique eight-step process to ensure quality of style, tone and design. 

Our team is different. Our dedicated team has been together for years, and this sense of community within our team (we legitimately like each other) transfers to you and your book. Atmosphere’s team is experienced and dedicated to you. Our team will know your name and they’re going to personally care about you. 

Our book product is different. The book is a work of art that outlasts the self. It is a way to stamp your memory in the arc of eternity, a way to stamp your soul into the fabric of the universe. That’s why our books are more than printed pages on a digital shelf, they are a lasting legacy that you share forever with your family, community and the world. The product that Atmosphere Press produces is worthy of standing as that legacy.

As you can see, there are a lot of answers to this question, but beyond our straightforward dedication to strong ethics and integrity, we bring to the table years of experience in top-notch editorial, design, and book publicity. It is easy to “publish” a book on Amazon—it takes about fifteen minutes—but for a book to be good, it requires the guiding vision of an exceptional team. In addition to our selective Flagship Publication offering, we provide a wide range of additional services, from editorial coaching and manuscript reviews for authors with in-progress projects, to query writing, cover design, and marketing/promotional assistance not just to the authors we publish, but to self-published and traditionally published writers. We also offer authors help with websites, audiobooks, merchandise, and children’s book illustration. We really, truly, and absolutely work hand-in-hand with authors through every step of the process, and it’s our goal to provide the best experience possible for our authors. Testimonials from authors who’ve worked with us speak to our exceptional care and the quality of our process. Above everything else, Atmosphere stands out for how our people care for our books and our authors.

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Atmosphere Press is a selective hybrid publisher founded in 2015 on the principles of Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism, Kindness, and Making Your Book Awesome. Our books have won dozens of awards and sold tens of thousands of copies. If you’re interested in learning more, or seeking publication for your own work, please explore the links below.