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Free book QR Code

QR Code for Books

QR Code for Books: Create Your Free QR Code for Easy Sharing

Having a QR code for your book gives you a great way to easily share a link to your book. By scanning the QR code, a prospective reader can instantly access information about your book, including its synopsis, author bio, reviews, and even a direct link to purchase or download it. Furthermore, we built this QR code for books because a QR code can be a powerful marketing tool. Authors can use it to lead readers to promotional materials, such as video trailers, author interviews, or interactive content, thus creating a richer and more immersive experience. Additionally, the QR code can facilitate engagement with your readership by offering opportunities for feedback, discussion, and social media sharing, thereby fostering a sense of community around your book. 

Type in your desired link below, select the color and size of the code you’d like, and then you can copy or download your book’s QR code. Hurrah!