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Do you know any writers looking to publish?

March Referral Event

During this first-ever March Referral Event, we want to know who you know! That’s why we have a $500 gift card drawing for anyone who refers a writer to Atmosphere Press.

      1. Refer a writer to us. That means they submit a manuscript and list you as the referrer, or you loop them in with us via email to
      2. Then, you will be entered in a drawing for a $500 Bookshop or Amazon gift card.
      3. And yes, you’ll receive a separate entry for every referred author! 
And what happens if the writer signs on to work with Atmosphere?

That’s where it gets really good:

      1. If someone you referred signs on to publish their book with Atmosphere within three months…
      2. You get $500 cash(!), or
      3. $1000 credit(!!) towards your own publication



Refer by March 31st, 2024 to Be Eligible

hybrid publishing partners of Atmosphere Press


How many writers can I refer? Do I get a giveaway entry for the $500 for every writer I refer?

There is no limit! And yes, you receive a giveaway entry for every author you refer. Just make sure you loop them in with us directly via email, or that if they submit, they list your name!

If my referred writer signs on, do I really get a $500 bonus or $1000 publication credit?

Yes! If any writer you refer signs on within three months of the end of the March referral event, you get this amazing bonus. You can either take the cash, or you can use the double-sized credit towards your own publication.

Are bonuses stackable, and do they work with other discount or sales?

Yes! If five authors you refer sign on, you would have earned $2500 in cash or $5000 in publication credit. And the publication credits do work on other offers, such as Black Friday or Memorial Day discounts.

Are bonuses or prizes transferrable?

Yes! If you’d like to gift the publication credit to the person you referred, you absolutely can do so! Or you can split a cash bonus with them as you see fit. It’s up to you!

Can I donate my cash bonus to charity?

Yes! That’s a pretty cool thing to do, and if you’d like us to make a charitable contribution on your behalf, we’re more than happy to do so! 

What if the author forgot to list my name in the referral field? Do I still get credit?

To be sure that referrals are accurately tracked, we only recognize referrals where the referral is cited upfront. So make sure your name is associated with the referred writer, right from the start!

What if the author signs on, but after the three-month window?

Good news! You’d still be eligible for a $250 cash or $500 publication credit. That’s why the March Referral Event is a special time of year! But rest assured, we want to take care of all referrers, even if the authors they refer need more time to get ready.

Can I still refer writers to you after March?

Yes! There’s no gift card entry after March, and the bonus and publication credit isn’t as substantial, but we accept referrals and reward referrers year-round.

Do referred authors have to sign on with Atmosphere Press?

Definitely not! Atmosphere stands for authors’ rights, so it’s always up to each individual author what they do with their book. We never hard sell, and our contract is public. All authors are encouraged to make the choice that is best for them!

Who is Atmosphere Press?

Atmosphere Press is an author-friendly publisher who publishes books in all genres. Their authors have won bunches of recognition, and they’ve sold tens of thousands of books across six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Their mission is to serve authors regardless of their publishing goals, and they’re sponsoring this referral event to do just that.

What if I have other questions?

Please email with any further questions!