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The Summit: An Interview with Howchi Kilburn, author of Fragrant Heart

As an author whose formative years were spent as a hippie in San Francisco, Howchi Kilburn continues to chart the course of those who experienced dramatic and simultaneous openings to the sensual/sexual and spiritual sides of human nature. His themes include explorations of gender identity, the ongoing discovery of True Self, and new understandings of relationship and sexuality. Sacred pleasure is a concept which provides a departure point for a long exploration of the potential for ecstatic reverential unity in human relationships and communities.

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Fragrant Heart, by Howchi Kilburn

Twin flames, animal spirits, angels, beings for whom we have no names—fantastical, you say, but perhaps it is a more ultimate reality found only by those who seek it out.

Wu, the Wandering Taoist, has become intrigued with the story of Jesus spending forty days and nights alone in the wilderness. With the help of Gordon, a being who bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, Wu embarks on his own journey into the wilderness to seek a Truth beyond all other truths. Relying on his Taoist background, Wu remains open to the experiences that befall him. To his surprise, he encounters a range of otherworldly beings who provide him with guidance, illumination, and even revelations. These beings include his twin flame, whom he has not consciously communicated with for many lifetimes.

Through Kilburn’s storytelling, readers can explore a more magical way of life populated by entities that may once have seemed only make-believe. Fragrant Heart invites readers to suspend their disbelief and consider a more heartfelt and life-changing understanding of our existence as spiritual beings, offering a glimpse into a world beyond what we perceive with our physical senses.

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Another Butterfly, by Howchi Kilburn

In support of dreaming into existence a more quintessential way of being, the four friends have been learning from Grandmother Xochitl and from Mother Earth Herself. Journeys of soul and spirit have shown them an array of marvels that usually remain unseen.

Wu, Daphne, Atsa and Aiyana embark on a road trip across Northern New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Their destination is family, but along the way beings from more golden planes of existence, who have lived forever in these mountains and canyons, invite them into dimensions filled with ease and wonder. Among their guides along the way, perhaps the most magically talented one masquerades as a middle-aged middle-American tourist in an RV. As a shape-shifter he is also sometimes a lovely alluring woman or a sweet loving mother.

The friends are shown the birth of Turtle Island and practice ancient forms of initiation. They each flower in their own unique way on an endlessly evolving quest toward ultimate truth, which is polymorphous and flashes a melange of intriguing faces.

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Monking Around, by Keith Howchi Kilburn

They are an unlikely pair: Wu, the wandering Taoist, and Daphne, young, blonde, energetic and devoted to the practice of martial arts, meditative states and other-worldly journeys. Their teacher is a medicine woman in a remote village in New Mexico devoted to the ancient traditions. Taoists, pagans and shamans engage in a sustainable way of living with lots of mystical ecstasy.

Goddess speaks to them through angels, nature spirits and the Ancient Ones, who still have enclaves in remote places on earth. They whisper in the wind and rumble from inside the earth with voices of etherial, maternal and erotic love, while clarifying the Original Instructions given to all humans.

Shape-shifting, communion with animal and plant allies, journeys into the Spirit World and healing ceremonies are among their masteries and mysteries. It’s a training program to develop skills and responsibilities, so they may play their part in the creation of a new world.

Monking Around is an enchanting story, in which Howchi Kilburn portrays how tuned-in people can create a way of life that is sacred, ecstatic and harmonious. Perhaps we can be those people.

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