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Author Interviews!

Atmosphere Press is proud to bring readers the Atmosphere Press Presents author interview series. We’re happy to have this archive of excellent author interviews and success stories for you to enjoy. Learn about authors and their books, from book title origin stories to music playlists that relate to their writing to what it was like seeing the cover for the first time.
Atmosphere puts the author experience first, and these interviews make up just one facet of a meaningful and rewarding author journey. Please share your favorite interviews and success stories on social media, and stay in touch so you can be the first to know when new posts are published. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on interviews, Atmosphere Press Presents readings, and other news!
Burns Robert

An Interview with Author Robert Burns

Robert Burns has been writing serious short fiction since the dark days of August 2020. A writer in many genres, his stories have appeared in numerous online publications as well as several print anthologies, including a fantasy story focusing on novel characters, a piece of noir detective fiction, and the first chapter of an historic novel currently in the works.

An Interview with Author Linda N. Masi

Linda N. Masi's debut novel, Fine Dreams, won the 2023 Juniper Prize for fiction. Some of her works have been anthologized and others have appeared in Tupelo Quarterly, Blackberry: A Magazine, and elsewhere. She has also authored a book of poems and a children's book series. Originally from Nigeria, Masi holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Mississippi and is currently completing a PhD at Texas Tech University.
Finlayson Palmer

An Interview with Emma Finlayson-Palmer, Author of Autumn Moonbeam

Emma Finlayson-Palmer is a working class, autistic writer and artist who lives in the West Midlands with her husband and a multitude of children, cats, and chickens. She is a writer of children’s fiction, represented by Veronique Baxter of the David Higham agency, and author of the Autumn Moonbeam chapter books series and various short stories and flash fiction for children. Emma runs #ukteenchat, a writing-themed chat on Twitter, and edits, mentors, and reads competition entries for #WriteMentor and flash fiction entries for Retreat West. She’s also one-half of Word Witches as a children’s fiction editor.

An Interview with Author Lesley Howard

Author of Dark Cheshire, Lesley's interest in folklore began during childhood in North Wales. Moving to Cheshire, her long, varied career has included being a professional photographer, makeup artist, vocational assessor, jewellery designer, and holistic therapist. Previously published in various specialist magazines, Lesley's articles have also appeared in Evergreen and online for the Huffington Post.

An Interview with Author Seamus Kelly

Based in Rochdale in Northwest England, I have been writing for about twenty years with my main interest being poetry. In the last few years, I left my last job as a teacher in a school for young people with behavioural and social issues to concentrate on my creative work as a self-employed (and perhaps semi-retired) writer and artist. I still love working with young people and am the part-time art and writing specialist in a small charity in Rochdale supporting young people through creativity to build their resilience and skills.
Taylor Matthew

Write it Yourself: An Interview with Matthew Taylor, author of Hot Air Rising

Matthew is a life-long learner, has worked in construction, education, banking, hospitality, and is a yoga teacher. He is amazed at how much he can learn and fit into his brain. Matthew found yoga to be very rewarding. He attributes looking and feeling young to practicing yoga (unless it is all the food with preservatives he ate when he was younger). Teaching took Matthew on a learning journey to five different countries, and therefore he likes to write adventure novels based on his experiences. Matthew currently lives in Sài Gòn with his wife and cats. His children are in different…

An Interview with Kevin Kuhens, Author of Terror’s Sword

Kevin Kuhens is the author of the award-winning Amazon #1 Bestselling Terror’s Sword, the first of his thrillers involving elite counterterrorism operative Kyle McEwan. His book has garnered significant recognition, including the 2023 Winner of the Mystery/Thriller Gold Medal from the prestigious Military Writers Society of America, among others.

An Interview with Julie Brown, Author of The Everywhere Girl

Julie Brown is an author, essayist, and playwright. A California girl from the San Fernando Valley, she's spent most of her adult life in Palos Verdes (near the port of Los Angeles) where she and her husband raised two sons, rescued many dogs, hosted countless backyard BBQs, and chased away hundreds of wild peacocks. When not writing, she's doing laundry, gardening, baking, caring for dogs, and giving her grown-up sons advice (some welcome, some not).

An Interview with David Ellrod, Author of Rumspringa Rising

David Ellrod is a writer of science fiction, horror, and history, previously published in Aurealis Magazine, The Alethea, and Philologia, in addition to research content released on U.S. National Park Service platforms and As a lifelong aficionado of both history and fiction, he remains most interested in how the former informs the latter. He lives in Maryland with his wife, four children, and two very excitable dogs. He can be reached online at

An Interview with Author Kelli Dunaway

I have been a writer my whole life. Early in my life, it was academic and short story writing. These days, it varies. Sometimes my work is of the professional sort, other times political, sometimes well researched, other times opinion or experience, but always in a voice uniquely my own. My articles and letters have appeared in legal industry magazines and newspapers, publications local to St. Louis, and in blog posts going back to the beginnings of blogs. Most of it is nonfiction.

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