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Atmosphere Press


An Interview with Ron Kemper

I was born in Brooklyn, NYC. I received a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and a master’s degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University. I had a forty-two-year career in healthcare at Kaiser Permanente and in the Sutter Health Care system. My positions included Director of Business Relation, writer/editor, director of marketing & community relations, and a lobbyist for Kaiser in Sacramento.


An Interview with Rebecca Glassman

Rebecca Himmel Glassman is new to the publishing world even though she has been writing since childhood. After honing her legal writing skills while working as a paralegal for well over twenty years, she decided it was time to tap into her creative side.


An Interview with Mwana waMusikavanhu

Born in Zimbabwe, Mwana waMusikavanhu has a Master of Business Administration. For twenty-four years, he worked in the insurance industry and later engaged in financial planning before pursuing a role in consulting and strategy. He is currently the Chief Executive of a financial services organisation. The Sacred Passage is his first novel. Mwana is married and has three children. Mwana lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.


An Interview with Maria Caponi

Maria Caponi was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent a large part of her waking hours making up stories and working on mathematical equations. She has a Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Maryland, and a Creative Fiction writing certificate with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author of An Accidental Pilgrim, a memoir in prose and verse, released in February 2024. Two of her recent poems and four of her photographs have been included in the recent publication of ONWARD, a MB Poetry Circle and Mira Cost HS book of poems (March 2024). She is currently completing a collection of personal essays. More details about her previous work and publications can be found at


An Interview with Sarah Jolicoeur

Sarah Jolicoeur is a Corporate Coach with over fifteen years of leadership experience. As a National Director of Training and Development, she helps develop and implement new coaching programs. She is a certified Executive and Life Coach. Sarah and her husband have been in the poly and swinging lifestyle for fifteen years and she is moving her skillset into the lifestyle arena. They currently have a farm in South Florida. This is her first book, chronicling her personal journey into polyamory.


An Interview with Rodney Nelsestuen

I have been a writer and avid reader for several decades. I have an MFA from Hamline University (2008) and have taught at The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, am a member of The Loft and several other literary organizations. I’ve published fifteen works of fiction and nonfiction in a variety of literary journals in addition to two novels published in 2024. Both novels have received an IndieReader review with an IR approved rating of 4.0 for Quiet Desperation and Indie’s highest rating of 5.0 for Too Many Stones.


An Interview with Christiaan Lecky

Florida-based, Slovak-born author and creator Christiaan A. Lecky is the designer of the CHALstories platform, an ever-growing collection of literary works of varied genres spreading across three primary timelines. A mixed background of interests in business, history, and enjoyment of technology and culture provides the reader with a unique worldbuilding, writing, and execution. Christiaan hopes to pull from his backlog of ideas the right one for his next writing campaign and is already working on the sequel for Gasoline Cowboys.


An Interview with Kira Metzger

Kira Metzger is a mother of four and a wife. Her writing has always been a passion of hers. With her imagination and creativity, she can draw her readers in and leave them hanging.


An Interview with Margaret Mandell

Margaret Mandell’s life story is one of adaptation. Earning her BA and MA in History at the University of Pennsylvania, she has been a doctoral candidate and college teacher, mother of two, entrepreneur, independent school admissions director, triathlete, and certified yoga instructor. When her husband of many years passed away, she became a widow, a woman still in the midst of becoming. Her debut memoir And Always One More Time was released by Atmosphere Press in print and audiobook, narrated by the author, in early spring 2024.


An Interview with Dima Bader

I am a dental professional by trade, but my true passion lies in storytelling. I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and currently reside in Long Island, New York, with my husband and our dog, Domino. My debut novel, Dance Around the Dandelion, marks the beginning of my career as a published author.


An Interview with David Kyrie

An RN for nearly twenty years, mostly in the ICU, David Kyrie was also a captain in the US Army Nurse Corp with seven years of experience, and is also fully credentialed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).


An Interview with Lorraine Norwood

I am a North Carolina native living in the Blue Ridge mountains. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in English with honors in creative writing and then pursued a career as a professional journalist for over twenty years, working in print and television journalism. My lifelong interest in archaeology led me to change careers and earn a second degree in anthropology in 1998 followed by a master’s degree in medieval archaeology from the University of York in York, England.


An Interview with Judith Bowen

I am eighty-two and experiencing the most fulfilling and joyful time of my life. I live in gratitude for a life always full of blessings despite the speed bumps that come with living in a complex world. I have been blessed with two amazing daughters, four wonderful grandchildren, and a husband who was always supportive, caring, and challenging. I am loved.


An Interview with Judith Partelow

Partelow is an actress and director who has appeared in multiple theatrical productions, readings and films over the years. She has developed a play entitled NEIGHBORS! on the impact of racism in our community and society. It was written in collaboration with other writers of diverse backgrounds. It is available to be used by schools, churches and any other organizations wanting to stimulate discussion on this very difficult topic.


An Interview with Melissa Bacon

Melissa Clark Bacon was raised and stayed in Little Rock, Arkansas. She writes stories and makes photographs using historic and alternative printing processes. Her short story, The Handkerchief, where her character Millie first appears, won Best in Show Adult Fiction Short Story at the Grand Prairie Festival of the Arts. Her current creative work focuses on revealing unnoticed women from the past through captivating stories and photographs that aspire to elevate their contributions and offer them up as role models to women today. Through Her Lens is her debut novel.


An Interview with Claudio A. Téllez–Soto

Claudio A. Téllez–Soto is of Chilean origin, with a master’s degree in philosophy with a mention in chemistry, from the University of Chile. Téllez is the author of Hurtado, hombre de Dios (Ed. ZigZag–Santiago de Chile–2005), Los Enigmas de Shavi (Ed. ZigZag–2009), Vinho Velho (Ed. Horus. Portugal–2022), A música das moléculas (Ed. Horus, Portugal–2022), Thol, a história de um golfinho (Ed. Biblioteca 24 horas. Brazil–2011), and Manhazinha (Ed. Biblioteca 24 horas. Brazil–2011). He is also the author of the following works: Don Alonso, caballero de amor y Guerra, Tango em Vietnã, Natxis y Gobe no mundo do átomo, The mystery of the snow crystals, and Pevenerete.


An Interview with Kristi Shalla & Dr. Sung-Jin Park

I must mention my co-author, Kristi Shalla. Writing a book aimed at English-speaking readers was an intimidating task for someone like me, whose native language is not English. Kristi, who has a deep affection for Korea, particularly the city of Seoul, was the one who first suggested we write this book together. Accepting her proposal has been one of the best decisions of my life.


An Interview with Thomas Penn Johnson

Thomas Penn Johnson was born on August 22nd, 1943, in Greensboro, North Carolina, where in 1961 he graduated from James B. Dudley High School and in 1968 he received an MA in English from UNC-G. In 1966 he received a BA in Classical Studies from then-Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He also pursued graduate studies in English literature and history at Syracuse and Wake Forest Universities. From 1974 to 1981 he resided in Valparaiso, Indiana. In 1992 he published a collection of poems entitled If Rainbows Promise Not in Vain. In 2009 he retired from then-Edison State College in Fort Myers, Florida after serving for twenty-six years as an instructor of English and humanities. In retirement, he has published a few poems and a dozen short stories in various literary journals.


An Interview with Jed Somit

I have enjoyed appearing on all the late-night TV shows and dazzling the hosts and audiences with my brilliance and my witty extemporaneous repartee, and savor waiting expectantly for the early morning telephone call congratulating me on the Nobel Prize for literature.


An Interview with Douglas Robinson

I’m a novelist, translator, and translation scholar, not necessarily in that order. I have taught, lived, and written in the US, Finland, Russia, Spain, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, where I currently spend seven to eight months out of every year. Insecticide is my third published novel; the second was also an Atmosphere Press book, a “pseudotranslation” of J. I. Vatanen’s “memoir,” The Last Days of Maiju Lassila (2022). My first novel was written in English but first published in Finnish: Pentinpeijaiset, which plays on Finnegans Wake (“Pentti’s Wake”).