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Author Interviews

Paris Williams

Guessing Until the End: An Interview with Paris Williams, author of Silver

Paris Williams, a promising new author, embarked on his literary journey with the publication of his debut work, Silver. Born in Chicago, IL, in May of 1993, Paris possesses a passion for storytelling and a dedication to honing his craft. His first published book showcases his unique voice, vivid imagery, and authentic characters, captivating readers with its heartfelt narrative.

Rowan McKiernan

Exploring Emotion: An Interview with Rowan McKiernan, author of Trauma

Rowan is a 25-year-old poet. She currently attends Adelphi University on Long Island, NY, where she is studying to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has been writing poetry since High School as a way to indirectly express her feelings. Poetry provided Rowan with a voice when she felt like she did not have one. She is inspired by everyday events and nature.

Cate McNider

The Healing Power of Words: An Interview with Cate McNider, author of Escape Velocity

Cate McNider is a multi-disciplinary artist, and a psychophysical practitioner and movement educator registered as The Listening Body®. Since arriving in NYC in 1985, she has expressed her healing journey through poetry, multi-media movement performances and painting. She has performed her multi-media works in downtown venues and Brooklyn, and exhibited her paintings in solo shows in the East Village and NOHO. Poems from her first collection, Separation and Return, have been in several journals, in print and online. Escape Velocity is the follow-up on the success of her healing practices. Cate still lives in New York.

Sallie Bissell

Intrigue as Art: An Interview with Sallie Bissell, author of The Cassandra Curse

Writing a book out is such a lonely, uphill climb, that simply getting one out deserves a bottle of champagne. Getting good reviews is very self-affirming, but for me, the most rewarding is hearing from readers. I remember one woman thanked me for my book giving her a respite from a tough emotional time she was having. Another wrote and said one of my books turned her nearly non-reading daughter into a reader. I’ve never been more moved and gratified.

Travis Hupp

Verse Unleashed: An Interview with Travis Hupp, author of Faster, Annihilators!

I’ve been writing poetry for 25 years. Growing up as a gay man in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, watching progress toward equality happen too slowly, poetry has long been a way for me to reconcile the persistent bigotry endemic to small southern towns with who I factually knew my LGBTQ+ peers and myself to be. It’s also a way for me to relate to life in general, celebrating joys, successes and all forms of love and turning failures, pain, loss and all forms of despair into vigils.

Cara Acourt

Pathways of Inspiration: An Interview with Cara A’court, author of Three People, Three Countries, One Path

Cara lives in Northumberland with her wife and menagerie of animals. She is currently working toward her English Literature Degree with The Open University and is also the owner of her own business Earth Soul. Cara was inspired to write Three People, Three Countries, One Path when she turned to spiritual practices due to her ill health. Suffering from Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Syndrome, her writing provides her with escape and most importantly her dreams. Literature has always been her passion and one she now happily pursues.

Davidson Loehr

Breaking the Silence: An Interview with Davidson Loehr, author of HOLLOW GODS

That the problems facing our country are very broad, deep, and deadly, and that we may be 60-80% established as what is becoming a totalitarian socialism. Unless people see this clearly and find the courage to confront it, the American Experiment will be over in a decade or so. This isn’t my war—I’ll be dead—but it’s my fight. The perfect reader? Well, a bright conservative, and a courageous liberal who can see how dangerous liberalism has been for nearly two centuries.

Daniel Victor

Unveiling Desires: An Interview with Daniel Victor, author of The Evil Inclination

Daniel Victor specializes in writing Jewish-themed fiction and has written three novels, two novellas, and a collection of short fiction. The Evil Inclination is his first published novel. He practiced law for more than forty years, concentrating on international media transactions (including fifteen years as a senior executive for Sesame Street). He is a father and grandfather and lives in New York City with his wife, Ester Fuchs.