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Author Events and Book Tours

Author Events and Book Tours: Strategies for Connecting with Readers

If you’re a wordsmith like me, you know that connecting with readers is as vital as breathing when it comes to our craft. But how, you ask? The post will share some insights into the magical realm of author events and book tours. It’s a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and the promise of forging lifelong connections with your readers.


Poems and Publishing: An Interview with Susan McLeod, author of Seasons of Life

Susan McLeod resides with her husband, John, in Alplaus, New York. She is originally from Southold, Long Island, New York. In the fall of 1975 she moved to Troy, New York, attending Hudson Valley Community College Nursing Program where she received her A.A.S. In 2007 she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. Susan made a career change from nursing to work in a Nursing Home Activities/Recreation Department. Her favorite group activities were reading and writing poems with the residents. She volunteers in her community and enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, and pet-sitting for friends. She is an avid reader of historical/cowboy romance novels as well as poetry. She started writing her poems at age fifty-one and continues to write today.


Go With the Flow: An Interview with Steven Barron, author of Madame Curie’s Piano Tuner

Steven Barron is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but spent many formative years in Southern California. He currently resides in Leawood, Kansas, with his wife, Renee, and their two kittens, Hazel and Henry. Steven enjoys (in no particular order) books, espresso, anytime rain or snow, cycling, and staying in touch with family and friends—he also adores cats and still loves rock ’n’ roll. Madame Curie’s Piano Tuner is his first published work.

Show Dont Tell Enhancing Your Descriptive Writing

Show, Don’t Tell: Enhancing Your Descriptive Writing

If you’ve ever wondered how to breathe life into your storytelling, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re diving headfirst into the mystical realm of “Show, Don’t Tell” – a writing technique that can transform your words from a mere narrative into a vivid, immersive experience. So grab your quill, and let’s embark on a journey to master the art of showing instead of telling.


Serenity Amid Chaos: An Interview with Marian Vallotton, author of Unraveling Fate

Marian Vallotton has been practicing yoga and mindfulness since 2004. She is a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and a Y4C Yoga Certified Instructor specializing in supporting cancer patients. She has been a Corporate Coach and Leadership Speaker/Trainer/Facilitator for more than twenty years. Marian has combined her business background, yoga, and her spiritual training to de-mystify mindfulness, introducing it to the workplace and making it more accessible to employees in the corporate setting.


Wanderlust Chronicles: An Interview with Scott Looney, author of Finding the Elixir

Scott Looney was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho. As the second-born in a family of six kids, he learned to share, play fair, and mediate disagreements at a young age. When not working and traveling, Scott loves hiking, playing tennis, and golfing with friends and family. He has enjoyed many travel opportunities throughout his life—including some involving baseball—and is looking forward to returning to his favorite places. He attended Boise State University and lives in Boise. Finding the Elixir is his first published book.


Life, Law, and Limitlessness: An Interview with Siddiq Fazaluddin, author of From Lawyer to Life Coach

Siddiq started his legal career in 2000, qualifying as a solicitor in 2003 and eventually working as a partner in a leading law firm in London. He has acted for mostly vulnerable clients, motivated by his strong sense of justice. He started his self-development journey in 2008 when he realised that he wanted more from his life. He qualified as an accredited life coach in 2019, as an NLP Practitioner in 2020, and as a licensed trainer in DISC personality profiling in 2022. He is passionate about helping people understand themselves, achieving what they want from life, and enhancing their relationships with the people around them.

various writing implements with text that reads the difference between writing fiction and nonfiction

Navigating the Literary Spectrum: The Difference Between Fiction and Nonfiction Writing

As a writer, I’ve always been captivated by the unique dance between fiction and nonfiction writing. The creative and logical sides of my brain often engage in a tug-of-war, each vying for dominance in my work. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty and significance of both forms, and in this article, I want to share my personal insights on the difference between fiction and nonfiction writing. So, let’s embark on this literary journey together, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll see that these two seemingly distinct realms have more in common than you might think.


Literary Breadcrumbs: An Interview with Kevin Howard, author of Onward, At Last

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. I had a very happy childhood with my brother, Ruben, and my mother, Andrea. I graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School, then served four years of active duty in the U.S. Army as a member of NATO. I attended college in Houston, Texas, and graduate school in Connecticut. My career began with a one-year commitment as a FEMA Disaster Assistance Loan Officer primarily assigned to the Northridge earthquake declared natural disaster. I went on to build a successful career as a business banker but found my calling in climate risk mitigation. I am happily married and live in a nature preserve community on the Oregon Pacific coast. I am a life learner who draws strength and inspiration from my connection with humanity and the natural environment that sustains us.

woman sitting on a couch typing on a laptop with overlaid text that reads how to find an editor for your book

How to Find an Editor for Your Book

You’ve written a book, but now what? It’s at this juncture that the spotlight shifts from the author to the editor, the masterful hand that can turn your manuscript into a polished gem. The journey is not only about refining your writing; it’s a partnership that breathes life into your words, a collaboration that transforms your manuscript into a work of art. In this article, I’ll share insights and tips on finding the ideal editor to ensure your literary masterpiece gets the meticulous attention it deserves.


An Interview with Author Patrick Barry

My name is Patrick Barry and I have been writing novels and short stories for the last several years. As of now I have two completed novels, both unpublished, and three other books I have been bouncing around on. I hope to finish all three in one fell swoop and then continue on with something new.

valery lobanova

An Interview with Kate Valery, Author of Midget or Symphony of the Ocean and Clay Mask

The secretary of White Rock and Surrey Writers’ Club, Ekaterina Lobanova (penname Kate Valery) is a professional musician, journalist, and writer. She was born in Moscow, Russia, and educated at Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music. In 1996, she immigrated to Canada, where she started to write in English—her second language—and authored seven books. Her latest novels are Midget or Symphony of the Ocean (2020), and Clay Mask (2022). They are both winners of the Gold Seal award for literary excellence from the US Review of Books and now both are accepted by British Columbia Libraries. Currently she is working on her eighth book, memoir/anthology Why I Like Being a Writer


An Interview with Sarah Westbrook, Author of Trauma Bonded

Sarah Westbrook is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the founder of Westbrook Counseling Services and Daisy Girl Communications. As a trauma survivor, she shares her story of growing up with personality-disordered parents and working through c-PTSD with the hope of helping others develop the courage to speak their truth and have their voices heard. In her spare time, she loves creating content with her husband and co-host Mason, entertaining her children, and hiding in her closet so she doesn’t have to share her chocolate or caramel popcorn with anyone else.

van gorder

An Interview with Author Bryan van Gorder

Spent my childhood in Upstate New York. In school, I was very much a math and science nerd so, of course, when I enrolled at Harvard for college I took up History & Literature as my area of concentration. (This all makes sense later, I promise.) I graduated with honors having written my senior thesis on Edgar Allan Poe. I moved to NYC in the mid-nineties and started working in fashion public relations. In 2002, I left and headed to Los Angeles where I continued in PR while also picking up freelance work as a travel writer for OUT and The Advocate. That led to me becoming the editor of OUTTraveler and then at Logo News (part of the MTV networks.) Currently, I’m a features contributor to The Onion. It was from writing daily that I mustered up the wherewithal to attempt writing a book.

sami mckay

An Interview with Author Sami McKay

Sami McKay (she/her/they/them) is a Canadian illustrator and writer. Her work is deeply symbolic and leans on themes of curiosity and exploration, (dis)connection, and navigating the human experience. Fixated on the abstract and strangeness of our existence, Sami looks to share the paradoxical, existential, and confusing aspects of life, death and coping with the conditions of being. She aims to display through art and writing, the rawness, complexity and beauty of existence.

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