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Small Town Chronicles: An Interview with Daphne Birkmyer, author of the Comfrey, Wyoming Books

Daphne Birkmyer’s background as a teacher and biologist continues to exert its influence on her written work. Born overseas and currently living in California, she observes Americans through an immigrant’s eyes. She shares her home with a multitude of reptiles and mammals and the occasional child who comes home to roost. Book four of the Comfrey, Wyoming series is nearing completion.

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COMFREY, WYOMING: Maiden Voyage, by Daphne Birkmyer

Maiden Voyage, Book Three of Daphne Birkmyer’s COMFREY, WYOMING series, finds twins, Amadeus and Marcela, on very different paths to self-discovery. As their guardian, Heidi Crow, attempts to weave a safety net as original and complex as the twins themselves, she prays it will hold through Marcela’s gender affirming surgery and Amadeus’s uncertain future in Alaska’s lucrative and dangerous fishing industry.

A richly diverse cast, including a Shakespeare-quoting street basketball player and a Chinese purveyor of pu-erh tea, joins characters already beloved by readers of the series in this transcendent tale of nontraditional family and steadfast friends.

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COMFREY, WYOMING: Marcela’s Army, by Daphne Birkmyer

If little Marcela Crow had not been born to a body identical to her twin brother’s…

Would a young potter, who as a child lost her family to a house fire, have found the strength to parent her own child? Would a metallurgist have managed to forgive himself for betraying his brother, and fall in love again? Would a talented, heavily-scarred Shoshone chef have continued on his path to redemption? And, if the Crow family had not moved to Comfrey, who would have become the obsession of a strange and precocious four-year-old boy?

Book Two of the COMFREY, WYOMING series by Daphne Birkmyer introduces a small army that gathers to support Heidi, guardian to the Crow twins, as she reopens the town’s only restaurant and helps Marcela transition to her authentic self.

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Comfrey, Wyoming, by Daphne Birkmyer

Against a backdrop of high prairie winds and soaring, snow-capped peaks, an uneasy friendship makes its final appeal when the words ‘Aunt Heidi’ and a phone number are found written on the arm of a five-year-old Arapaho child.
When Heidi Vogel arrives in New York to open a restaurant, the ambitious young German-born chef could never imagine that six years later, she would be managing a soup kitchen in Wyoming and sharing her home with an abandoned dog and a secretive young woman named Nara Crow.
The birth of Nara’s identical twins soothes the ache Heidi has felt since the death of her own baby, but sends Nara back into a depression that has haunted her for years. When Nara disappears with the children and Heidi’s exhaustive search reveals no leads, Heidi is forced to consider a painful truth—Nara may not want to be found—and the life she thought they were building together was nothing but a charade.
Just as Heidi decides it is time to move on, an unexpected phone call thrusts her into the ignorant world that confronts a transgender child.


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