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P Anthony Michael 1

Raising the Stakes: An Interview with P. Anthony Michael, author of Zipline

Michael received a creative writing certificate from the University of West Virginia in the late 90s. He’s been running a successful writer’s group called For the Love of Words for almost two decades. When he has time, he teaches in the local library Story 101 – How to Create a Story. He has won in every category over a five-year period in a state-funded wordsmith competition in Poetry, Essay, Short Story, and One-Act Play.

Williams 1

Unsung Heroes: An Interview with Katherine Williams, author of The Glovemaker’s War

I was born and grew up on the Wirral peninsula in Cheshire, England, before moving to London to study Business with French and Spanish. In my late thirties I moved to the United States with my two young sons. Now retired, I live in rural Connecticut where I love to cook for family and friends, garden in my vegetable patch, and walk in the surrounding countryside with my dog, Winnie. An avid reader, I started writing short stories five years ago. My fascination for World War II history, particularly the role of women in the Resistance, led me to write The Glovemaker’s War.

Cooper 1

From Whispers to Reality: An Interview with Irene Cooper, author of FOUND

Irene Cooper is the author of Found, a crime thriller noir set in Colorado, Committal, a poet-friendly spy-fy about family, and Spare Change, a finalist for the Stafford/Hall Award for poetry. Writings appear in Denver Quarterly, The Feminist Wire, The Rumpus, streetcake, Witness, and elsewhere. Irene supports AIC-directed creative writing at a regional prison and lives with her people in Oregon.

Kiser 1

An Ode to Home: An Interview with Jo Ann Kiser, author of The Guitar Player and Other Songs of Exile

I am a native of Pike County, Kentucky—back in the hills, as we say. We didn’t have electricity until I was about six, but we had a swimming hole! Later we left and, of economic necessity, explored the world a bit. Eventually I landed up in New York and then Chicago, and I always meant to write something entitled “A Savage in Wonderland” but never got around to it.

Rockwood 1

Warrior Wordsmith: An Interview with Dee Arianne Rockwood, author of Stolen Lives

Dee Arianne Rockwood is from a Small town in South West Ohio (Middletown/Hillbillyellegy). As a misfit in school and to redirect her energy, she began her martial arts (Judo) training in 1958 at the local YMCA, winning her first trophy at the age of nine. She achieved her black belt at 12 years old, and began Tae-Kwon-Do lessons, earning a black belt at 14, in 1964. She then found her next challenges: Aikido and religion. Dee received a black belt equivalent at 16 and began studying to become a Presbyterian Minister, earning a BA in Theology and Physiology. While in the Seminary, she found another martial arts challenge: Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, and achieved yet another black belt at 18.

50 2

How Indie Authors can Work with Local Independent Bookstores and sell Their Books on Brick-and-Mortar Shelves

Are you an indie author looking to get your book on the shelves of your local independent bookstore? Look no further! First things first, don’t be shy! Booksellers and book buyers are there to help you succeed and get your… 

Kwarta 1

Notes From the Heart: An Interview with Darlene Kwarta, author of Once There Was A Child

Darlene Kwarta is a retired special education teacher, mom to three adult children, grandma to six kids, former foster mom, author, Honor Flight Chicago volunteer, wife of a very patient man, and mom to two dogs who don’t know they’re dogs, not honored guests in our house. And yes, Mr. B. was the best principal, mentor, friend, and the kindest man Darlene ever had the honor of knowing.

Woodworth 1

Verses that Transcend: An Interview with Anne Harding Woodworth, author of Gender

Anne Harding Woodworth is the author of eight books of poetry and four chapbooks. Her book Trouble received the 2022 William Meredith Award for Poetry. Gender was a Literary Titan Silver. An excerpt from her chapbook, The Last Gun, won the COG Poetry Award and as a result was animated: Anne is a member of the Board of Governors at the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, MA. She and her husband live in Washington, D.C.

Dawson 1

Ink and Imagination: An Interview with Bernadette Dawson, author of Time to Play

Bernadette Dawson is a mother of two boys who lives in London, England. She has worked in pre-schools for the last 24 years, meeting some of the most brilliant and intriguing children. She loves to see the world through children’s perspectives, to have fun and develop a wide range of vocabulary. She has read thousands of books to children, so writing has not only allowed her to follow her passion, but it has been helpful to collate her own experiences of reading stories to be able to turn this into something children will enjoy and want to repeatedly re-read.

Brown 1

Unexpected Journeys: An Interview with Teri M. Brown, author of An Enemy Like Me

Born in Athens, Greece, as an Air Force brat, Teri M. Brown now calls the North Carolina coast home. In 2020, she and her husband, Bruce, rode a tandem bicycle across the United States from Astoria, Oregon, to Washington, D.C., successfully raising money for Toys for Tots. Teri’s debut novel, Sunflowers Beneath the Snow, is a historical fiction set in Ukraine, and her second novel, An Enemy Like Me, is set in WWII. Learn more at